We assist and offer strategic counsel for the development, protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights from the ground up. We assist with early stage identification and protection of IP using non-disclosure agreements, employment agreements, service agreements, assignment agreement, etc. Our team specialises in enforcement of intellectual property rights with a prominent presence before the Delhi and other State High Courts and District Courts. We hold significant experience in matters of infringement and passing off.


We also have considerable experience in strategic monetisation of intellectual property through appropriate agreements for licensing, franchising, commissioning, transfer, royalty, etc. Our agreements are premised on an in-depth knowledge of intellectual property framework in india and are deemed industry leading.

We provide a full range of soft IP management services ranging from search to registration to renewal of copyright, trademark and design registration. We have been successfully prosecuting registration applications, office objections and oppositions for over a decade.


We are known for easy accessibility on queries, practical and sound advice, post agreement interpretations and explanations and court litigation.