We prepare and vet contracts. We draft, review, negotiate and execute a diverse range of contracts. We understand the challenge of keeping contracts comprehensible for industry persons and practical for signing of deals, trying to preclude any litigation arising from the contract and assisting in enforceability of the contracts. We value that every contract stands on its own foundations and is unique to the deal in question; therefore, we strongly believe in custom tailoring of contracts.


We are on retainer with several clients for contract preparation and have extensive experience of drafting diverse contracts dealing with marketing, human resource management, operations and expansion issues. We have drafted several joint ventures, amalgamation and mergers, shareholders agreements and other agreements for clients in different sectors ranging from energy, construction, medical, hospitality to technology.

We have prepared structuring agreements for several entities at different stages of their development and growth. We specialise in contracts pertaining to the infrastructure and construction sector and have dealt with FIDIC contracts, supply and procurement agreements, consultancy agreements etc.

We have also prepared contracts and assisted in negotiation of contracts with governments, governmental authorities and entities and public sector undertakings.


We are known for good turn-around time, clear wordings, detailing and availability for interpretational and negotiation related challenges.