Our consumer litigation practice includes representing parties before Consumer Courts in deficiency claims, unfair trade practices and misleading advertising. We build consumer complaints which are simple and effective, pursue appeals and revision petitions, and execute and defend execution proceedings and related remedies.

We focus on consumer claims in insurance and builder-buyer disputes

After the change of pecuniary jurisdiction with the new Consumer Protection Act, 2019 we are being engaged to draft pleadings and develop strategies for consumer proceedings outside of Delhi. We partner with a close network of lawyers to handle consumer litigations locally.


We have extensive experience of Consumer Courts in Delhi for over 15 years now and have an established practice. We have represented over 200 claims in different Consumer Courts in the sectors of insurance and real estate.


We are known for our in-depth knowledge of the subject, extensive experience of litigating several consumer cases before different Consumer For a and for diligently pursuing claims and remedies.